Sign and Lighting Bucket Truck Builds

Built for you! To ensure that Dur-A-Lift helps our customers get the job done right, we’re committed to the idea that customization comes standard. Instead of a one size fits all approach, we build lifts made just for you. Here are some aerial lifts that we have made specifically for the sign and lighting industries.

Dur-A-Lift’s DPM2, DPM, DTAX and DTA series lifts are all great options for anyone in the sign and lighting industries. They are available with fiberglass or open construction aluminum baskets. A negative boom angle allows you to access the baskets from ground level. And our single-hand control allows you to easily maneuver the basket with one hand while working with the other.

Sign and Lighting Bucket Truck Features and Options

Aluminum or fiberglass basket
Ground level access to basket
Basket rotator
Optional jib and winch
One or two man platforms
Single-hand control system
Tons of storage compartnet available
Sign holding brackets

1. The 180 degree rotating basket allows you to get more places once the boom has been positioned.   2. Sign holding brackets are located on the bottom of the basket.   3. Lots of custom storage options available including compartments made for 8' or 10' bulbs.   4. Built in stairs allow for easy access to the platform.


Sign and Lighting Bucket Truck Specifications

  DPM2 Series DPM Series DTAX Series DTA Series
Maximum Working Height 59' 57' 49'


180 Degree Basket Rotation Yes Yes Yes


Maximum Basket Capacity 600# 600# 350#


Optional Basket Elevator Yes -- --


Optional Jib and Winch Yes - Top mounted Yes - Side Mounted --


Max Jib Lifiting Capacity 1000# 1000# --


Stabalization Method A-Frame Outrigger A-Frame Outrigger Torsion Bar or Outrigger Torsion Bar or Outrigger
















Download a sign and lighting brochure here.