Enclosed Body Telescopic

Our telescopic personnel bucket vans feature tons of secure storage options. They are a practical and functional tool for everyone from the small contractor to the large multi-state telecommunications company and are available in insulated or non-insulated formats.

  • DVS Series - Telescopic, non-insulated aerial lift for use with enclosed body
  • VFN Series - Telescopic, insulated aerial lift for use with enclosed body


  • DVS Series (29)

    DVS Series (29)

    Non-Insulated telescopic bucket van 
    Max working height: 34'  |  Max side reach:  21'
    Single person basket   |   350# basket capacity
    Models available: DVS-29

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  • VFN Series (32/33)

    VFN Series (32/33)

    Insulated telescopic bucket van
    Max working height range: 32' - 33'  |  Max side reach range:  18' 8" - 20'
    Single person basket   |   300# basket capacity
    Models available: VFN-32, VFN-33

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