2017 ICUEE Review

A look at what was new at the 2017 ICUEE. Dur-A-Lift showcased 3 new lifts as well as many others at this year’s biennial show that ran October 3-5 in Louisville, Kentucky


The weather was a little warm but that didn’t stop us or thousands of others from enjoying over 28 acres of exhibits at the 2017 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (better known as the ICUEE or Demo Expo) in Louisville, Kentucky this past week.

With over 1,000 exhibitors we know it can be a busy few days so we wanted to take a quick minute to do a recap for those who were unable to make it to Dur-A-Lift’s booth as well as those who were unable to make the show, those who didn’t get to spend as much as they would have liked browsing our lifts, or even those who are just curious or would like to see more.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a tour of our booth from the comfort of your home or office.



Dur-A-Lift’s booth was in area L of the show and featured 10 lifts. There was a bucket van, a tracked lift as well as various bucket trucks, 3 of which were new for this year’s show.



The three new lifts were:

  1. DLT2-60DU - Telescopic articulated material handing aerial lift with a reach of 67 feet
  2. Urban Forestry Unit - Under CDL forestry truck with aluminum chipper box and a reach of 50 feet.
  3. DAT3-70 - Telescopic articulated non-overcenter forestry bucket truck with a reach of 75 feet



The folks from ICUEE even stopped by for a quick feature video on Dur-A-Lift’s new lifts. You can watch the video they put together below.



Here is a closer look at all of the lifts that were at the show.



1- DAT3 - Reach up to 75 feet without the use of an expensive elevator with the new DAT3 articulating telescopic aerial lift. This bucket truck, formerly known as the MAT-3, features a non-overcenter design for greater stability and side reach and an innovative upper telescopic boom. Available with our patented new Outrigger Analyzer System. READ MORE

2 - UFU - The Urban Forestry Unit is the only Class 5 aerial lift with a chipper box in the tree care industry with a reach of 50 feet and it’s now available with a lightweight aluminum chipper box from Voth Truck Body. The lighter weight means less damage to yards and property making this an ideal solution for those in the tree care or landscaping industries. READ MORE

3 - DLT2-60DU - The DLT2-60 is a telescopic articulating material handling aerial lift that can lift up to 1,000 pounds. The top mounted jib and winch allows the user to easily work from both sides. The DU basket configuration can be used as a double person basket or as a single person basket with material handling capabilities. The optional 22 inch basket elevator allows for extra reach once the basket is in place. The negative boom angle allows for ground access to the basket. READ MORE

4 - DPM2-52
5 - DPM2-47
6 - DPM2-40
Our DPM2 Series lifts are a popular choice because of their versatility. They can be configured with or without material handling capabilities, are available in insulated or non insulated formats, and are available with single or double person baskets. Available with an optional 22” basket elevator and a top mounted jib and winch which allows the user to work from both side. Like the DLT, these lifts feature a negative boom angle that allows for ground access to basket from multiple locations as well as access to compartments right from the basket. READ MORE

7 - DTAX-39 - The DTAX series lifts from Dur-A-Lift are telescopic articulated personnel lifts with working heights that range from 44 to 49 feet and a side reach of 30 feet. Available in insulated or non-insulated formats with aluminum or fiberglass baskets. READ MORE

8 - DTS-29 - The DTS is a telescopic personnel lift with a working height of 34 feet and a side reach over 22 feet. This particular bucket truck features our telecommunication build. READ MORE

9 - DVS-29 - This bucket van is taking the telecommunications industry by storm. It features tons of exterior storage for easy access to tools and supplies and is available with our workstation of wheels option. READ MORE

10 - UTV - If rough, uneven, muddy or wet terrain is a problem for you then this tracked lift is perfect for you. This tracked lift can climb a 40 degree slope, wade through 3 feet of water and more. READ MORE



In addition to these lifts, Dur-A-Lift could also be found in the following booths around the show.



We would like to thank everyone who stopped by and all of our dealers who helped us make this year’s show another success. We are already looking forward to the next show which is scheduled for October 1-3, 2019. 



In the meantime you can view our trade show schedule or contact us at the information below for more information about any of our lifts:



More photos

Enjoy a look around L137 at the 2017 ICUEE show.


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