DPM-47DU bucket truck with a service body, fiberglass basket, side-mounted jib, Ford chassis


Bucket Truck Feature: DPM-47DU

Telescopic articulated material handling bucket truck
Side-mounted jib and winch
Fiberglass basket, 24"x42"x42"
Working height: 52'
Side reach: 31' 6"
Stowed travel height: 10'5"
Insulated, Category C
Ford F550 Chassis, 4x4, Gas
BrandFX Service Body




Our bucket trucks can be customized for your needs!

Switch this week's featured build from a service body to a flatform body; a fiberglass basket to an aluminum basket; a side-mounted jib to a top-mounted jib; an insulated lift to a non-insulated lift for something like this:

DPM-47DU bucket truck with a flatbed body, aluminum basket, top-mounted jib, Ford chassis



material handling bucket truck series photo

DPM2-DU Series Lift

material handling bucket truck series specifications





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