Maddock Machinery: Over 40 years of quality and service

Dur-A-Lift is a leading manufacturer of telescopic articulating, personnel or material handling aerial lifts for what is better known as a bucket truck. The experience, quality and dependability shows in every product that leaves the factory floor. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed service both during and after the sale. All of this is only possible by partnering with some of the best distributors from across the country. Today we take a look at Maddock Machinery Corporation, Dur-A-Lift’s Arizona distributor.


Maddock Machinery: Over 40 years of quality and service

Maddock Machinery Corporation is a family owned business that has over 40 years of experience in aerial equipment sales, installation, service, parts and maintenance. They make trucks that work so businesses can keep doing what they do best.

Maddock Machinery was founded in 1974 by Bill Maddock at a small location near downtown Tucson, Arizona. The original staff of two served customers such as Mountain Bell and Pepsi, providing fleet service and aerial repair. In the early 1990’s Maddock expanded the business to become a fleet equipment upfitter. Their equipment lines and customer base have continued to grow and Maddock Machinery is now one of the most qualified and comprehensive builders of utility vehicles in the southwestern Unites States.

Maddock Machinery has been a Dur-A-Lift distributor since 1996. Their commitment to making trucks that not only work but work harder, smarter and safer has been a quality that we’ve always admired.

“The quality of workmanship that Maddock Machinery puts into all of their products is one of the many reasons we love working with them. It’s great to know that are putting out trucks that you can rely on. And they do it with friendly attitude that you just can’t get from anywhere. Overall their professionalism is something you can count on if you are in need of a new work truck. We are proud to have them as a Dur-A-Lift distributor,” said Al Johnson, Dur-A-Lift’s sales manager for the western United States and Canada.


Project feature:

Maddock Machinery recently completed three lifts for Tucson Electric Power (TEP), one DPM-52 and two DPM-47s. TEP is a company with over 125 year of service. They deliver power to over 400,000 customers in the Tucson metropolitan area. We are proud to be part of their growing fleet.

The DPM series bucket truck is a popular choice for those in the utility industry. This versatile lift is available in personnel or material handling formats, features several basket configurations including single or double person baskets and can be ordered in insulated or non-insulated formats. It features a maximum working height of 57’ and a side reach of 31’ 6”. The side mounted jib and winch can lift up to 1,000 pounds. One thing that stands out about Dur-A-Lift’s aerial lifts is the -35 degree boom angle that allows access to the basket from ground level as well as access to the compartments without having to leave the basket. Conveniently positioned controls all the operator to be more effective when maneuvering their materials.

A series 2 model of this lift is also available. It features a top mounted job and winch as well as a 22” basket elevator that helps you get where you need to go.


Three generations of the Maddock family pose for a quick photo with Dur-A-Lift's national sales manager, Loren Top, at the 2017 Work Truck Show. Bill Maddock: founder; Devin Maddock: son and curent owner; Mac Maddock: recent engineering grad and Devin's son.

Contact Info:

Consider contacting Maddock Machinery for your next aerial lift. They have had the same corporate philosophy for 40 years and it shows in their products: “Eliminate the customer’s vehicle related stress, find new solutions, preserve the customer’s capital, never sacrifice quality.’

Maddock Machinery Co.
4795 Julian Ave, Tucson, AZ 85714

“If you are looking for a company that will give you exactly what you are looking for, Maddock Machinery is just that. They are enjoyable people to work with and we look forward to seeing their continued success as the business passes through the generations,” said Loren Top, Dur-A-Lift's national sales manager.


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