Mobile Lifts: A 45 year relationship

Mobile Lift’s co-owner Barry Richard (left) is pictured with his wife Lucetta Richard (who is also involved with Mobile Lifts) and Dur-A-Lift’s Eastern sales manager Rod Bergstrom at the 2017 ICUEE show in Louisville, KY. Barry has been involved with Durnell/Dur-A-Lift since 1980. He started at Mobile Lifts assembling and mounting lifts 7 days a week to keep up with the demand. 37 years later, Barry continues to partner with Dur-A-Lift.

Mobile Lifts: A 45 year relationship

“It’s not always easy to find hardworking knowledgeable people who work for companies that not only focus on sales but also service, but we were able to find that and more with Mobile Lifts and their team,” said Rod Bergstrom, Dur-A-Lift’s eastern sales manager.

The Dur-A-Lift / Mobile Lifts partnership dates back to 1972 when Mobile Lifts became an authorized distributor for Dur-A-Lift’s truck mounted aerial lifts that were at the time manufactured by Durnell Engineering in Emmetsburg, Iowa. In 1988 Durnell was renamed Dur-A-Lift after it was purchased by Diversified Technologies, Inc and was moved to George, Iowa where the manufacturing plant still resides today.

Here we are 45 years later and Mobile Lifts continues to be a trusted, reliable source for Dur-A-Lift bucket trucks. Mobile Lifts has a tagline on their website that reads: “aerial lift excellence in sales, service and safety since 1969”. Their goal is not so sell you a bunch of lifts but to sell you quality lifts and to follow up that sale with superior service.

A past LinkedIn post from from one of Mobile Lifts sales members, John Abbott, shows just how true that is:




By John Abbott, Mobile Lifts Inc.

"I started my sales career with for Mobile Lifts in 1994 and called on this customer a soon after my sales training ended. I remember the disappointment when I saw that they recently purchased a bucket truck and Mobile Lifts wasn't even on the bidding list. That was a tough lesson to learn but I kept my chin up, offered the customer service, training and parts and 20 years later, boom, look what I did.

Thank you the City of Warren, PA; my suppliers: Dur A Lift, Whitmoyer Ford, Brand FX bodies; and to Mobile Lifts top-shelf technicians who put it all together.

Sometimes I try to keep my sales and customers under the radar because I don't want to give my competition any leads or prospects, but it looks like the City of Warren, PA won't be getting another bucket truck for at least another 20 plus years. Chances are the sales person who sells them the next bucket truck is just entering high school."


Mobile Lifts History Lesson

Mobile Lifts was orignally called Erection Tools and was incorporated February 26, 1969 and reorganized December 15, 1973 with Robert T. Holt as president and chief operating officer. The name was legally changed to Mobile Lifts, Inc. on November 24, 1975. On December 15, 1980 Robert’s wife Jean acquired 50% of the business and became CEO as well as chairman of the board.

Mobile Lifts, Inc. continues to sell and service all types of bucket trucks and aerial platforms along with ancillary items useful in the construction and cable television industries. They were one of the first companies to introduce small and medium sized bucket trucks to the cable television industries where they have now become a standard and necessary item in construction and maintenance of cable.


Mobile Lifts

3476 Germantown Pike
Collegeville, PA 19426


We couldn’t be more proud to have Mobile Lifts as part of the Dur-A-Lift family and we look forward to many more years of working with this quality team.


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