Deploy outriggers directly onto curb


Deploy outriggers directly onto curb

Watch as the DAT3-70 is able to block just one lane of traffic by utilizing Dur-A-Lift's new patented Outrigger Analyzer System

There are situations that sometimes arise where the terrain prevents the bucket truck operator from being able to operate the aerial device because the outriggers can’t extend down far enough to activate the outrigger to aerial lift interlock. One of these such situations is when positioned next to a curb. Normally you would have to pull away from the curb allowing for extra space for the outriggers to deploy but with Dur-A-Lift’s new patented Outrigger Analyzer System you can park right next to the curb. Once the operator confirms that the outriggers are deployed to a solid footing they can activate the outrigger analyzer system, allowing the arial lift to operate via a manual override. So in the case of the curb, you are able to block just one lane of traffic, all while safely operating the aerial device.

How it works:

1) LED indicator lights provide simple visual checklist to operator after outriggers deploy during setup stage of aerial lift operation
2) Green light indicates that outrigger legs are deploy to necessary position. Red lights remind operators that outriggers haven’t reached the predetermined position.
3) If the outriggers have a solid footing on the ground, the operator is able to override the interlock device allowing the aerial device to activate.
4) Outrigger override condition automatically returns to the normal operation upon the next lift set-up cycle.

Dur-A-Lift’s Outrigger Analyzer System (Pat. 7,915,752) is available as an add-on to all new and existing Dur-A-Lift bucket trucks. Contact us for more information at 1-877-4DURALIFT or



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