Top Selling Lifts of 2017


Top Selling Lifts of 2017

The trucks keep flying out the door as excitement continues to grow around several of Dur-A-Lift’s new lifts, as well as some tried-and-true favorites. This past year seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye but we wanted to take a moment to look back at the lifts that stood out during 2017 as well as the lifts to watch for in 2018.



The top 3:

Here is a look at the top 3 lifts from 2017.


1) DTAX Series

Telescopic articulating, personnel bucket truck

Coming in at the top of the list was Dur-A-Lift’s DTAX series lift. This telescopic articulated bucket truck features working heights up to 49 feet, a side reach up to 30 feet, and a stowed travel height of just 10 feet. It is available with a fiberglass or aluminum basket and the body can be customized for your needs. It's the perfect truck for a wide variety of applications. Read more about the DTAX series lift here.



2) DPM2 Series

Telescopic articulated, material handling or personnel bucket truck

It comes as no surprise to see the DPM2 on the list of top sellers as it's truly Dur-A-Lift’s most versatile lift. The DPM2 is available in material handling or personnel formats, with single or double person baskets, and in insulated or non-insulated formats. It has a 180 degree basket rotator as well as an optional 22” basket elevator. Working heights range from 43 to 59 feet and the negative boom angle allows for not just ground access to the basket but also access to the compartments right from the basket. Read more about the DPM2 series lift here.



3) DVS-29

Telescopic bucket van with ‘Workstation on Wheels’ option

A huge hit in the telecom industry. Dur-A-Lift’s telescopic, non-insulated bucket van features tons of exterior storage for easy access to tools and supplies. The body can be equipped with our ‘Workstation on Wheels’ option that features a dual fold-down work table, a movable bench seat, a 110V outlet, an inverter, lights and a Coleman climate control with both heat and A/C. Read more about Dur-A-Lift’s bucket van here.




Other top sellers:

There were several lifts in the contending for top seller. Here is a look at the 3 runner-ups from 2017:

1) Urban Forestry - Arborists are loving this lift, and for good reason. The Urban Forestry Unit is the only Class 5 bucket truck with a chipper box that can reach up to 50 feet. It’s small size and big reach make it a popular choice for those needing a compact tree care truck. It features a 7 cubic yard chipper box with hydraulic cylinder lift and a special compartment built for those long tree care tools. Read more about the Urban Forestry Unit here.

2) DT-29 - Small but tough. This lift gets the job done. The DT-29 is telescopic personnel bucket truck with a stowed height of just over 10 feet and working heights up to 34 feet. It's available in Insulated or non-insulated versions as well as in a heavy-duty format. Read more about the DT-29 here.

3) DPM-32 & DPM2-32 - Similar to the DT-29 but with a lot more options. This telescopic bucket truck is available in material handling or personnel formats, with single or double person baskets, in insulated or non-insulated formats and with a 180 degree basket rotator. The DPM2-32 version has an optional basket elevator. Read more about the DPM-32 here and the DPM2-32 here.




What to watch for in 2018:

Tree care lifts:

We’ve really enjoyed expanding into the tree care industry. The people have been great and the excitement around our lifts has been bigger than we could have imagined. This past fall we debuted the new Urban Forestry Unit, a compact forestry truck with a lightweight aluminum chipper box. Read more about the new Urban Forestry Unit here. We also have the new DAT3 which is a telescopic articulated non-overcenter tree care truck with a working height of 75 feet. It has several features that really do make it a one-of-a-kind lift allowing you to get to those hard to reach places. You can read about the DAT3 here. Read about all of Dur-A-Lift’s tree care lifts here.


Tracked lift:

Need of a way to get through rough or uneven terrain, up hills, or even through water in order to get your work done? If so, we have the lift for you. Dur-A-Lift’s tracked lift is able to climb a 40 degree slope and can wade through up to three feet of water. It is available in personnel or material handling formats. Watch videos of it in action and read more about the tracked lift here.


New 67 foot lift:

Looking for something a little bit bigger? Meet the newest member of Dur-A-Lift’s aerial lift line. The DLT2-60 is a telescopic articulated material handling or personnel aerial lift with a 180 degree basket rotator, 22” basket elevator and working heights up to 67 feet. It’s available with single or double person baskets and in insulated or non-insulated formats. We think this one will be a hit in the upcoming year. You can read more about the DLT2-60 here.


Outrigger Analyzer System:

Although not a lift itself, this is an option that you’ll want to consider for your next bucket truck. Dur-A-Lift’s patented Outrigger Analyzer System (OAS) allows an operator to reply the outriggers onto uneven surfaces like a curb. The OAS is available on all new and existing Dur-A-Lift bucket trucks. You can read more about it here.


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