Dur-A-Lift, Inc. debuts new cable placer unit

Dur-A-Lift, Inc. debuts new cable placer unit

GEORGE, IA  -  Introducing the new DCP-36 cable placer from Dur-A-Lift, Inc. With 400 pounds of side pull, 50 pounds of down pull, and 41 feet of working height, this mini cable placer is an ideal solution for those looking for a compact cable placing unit.

“This rugged unit is capable of withstanding the harsh applications of mobile operation. The smooth, easy to operate control system is packed with behind the scenes safety elements,” said Loren Top, national sales manager at Dur-A-Lift.

The DCP-36 features a 24” x 30” x 42” walk-in, hot-dipped, galvanized steel basket with Fehrleads for cable pulling as well as single hand joystick controls and an intercom for direct communication between operator and driver.

The DCP-36 cable placing unit is a perfect addition to Dur-A-Lift’s telecommunications line-up which includes the DTAS series lift, the DTS-29 telescopic bucket truck and DVS-29 bucket van.

Dur-A-Lift, Inc., a division of Diversified Technologies Inc. (DTI), is a leading manufacturer of truck mounted aerial lifts for what is better known as a bucket truck since 1969. Design and manufacturing for all DTI divisions and product lines takes place on a 40-acre campus in northwest Iowa.





Join us as we take a quick walk around Dur-A-Lift's DCP-36 demo unit.



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