Meet Dur-A-Lift’s Western Sales Manager Al Johnson

Customer experience and satisfaction are two things that are very important to all of us at Dur-A-Lift. Whether you are browsing or buying or interested in learning more, we hope that you remember us as the company that treats you as an individual, not just a number. From our sales team to our distributors to our parts department, we hope your experience with Dur-A-Lift is a positive one.

We would like to take some time to let you get to know us better. To do so, we will occasionally post little stories about people from the Dur-A-Lift team. Today we would like to introduce you to Al Johnson.

Al Johnson, Dur-A-Lift

Meet Al.

Al has been part of the Dur-A-Lift team since 2011 and is currently the Regional Sales Manager of the western portion of the United States and Canada. Al spends a lot of time on the road but he’s not complaining. He says one of his favorite parts of his job is “not being in the office.” When on the road he enjoys listening to lots of oldies.

As a big sports fan, two things you may notice on Al's desk are a Green Bay owners plaque and a Hawkeye business card holder, two teams that he loves to follow. In Al’s spare time he loves to golf. He is an all around sports guy!

We asked Al for five words that best described his personality. He said: aggressive, driven, motivated, structured and a pain! But don’t let those words fool you, we would like to add joker to that list. Al is a great asset to the Dur-A-Lift team. He loves working with people and is always looking for growth opportunities.

Al says one of his most memorable moments at  Dur-A-Lift was the opening of the new plant last April. This 26,000 square foot building has been a great addition to the Dur-A-Lift campus.

Why Dur-A-Lift? If Al were a customer he says he would buy from Dur-A-Lift because their lifts are not just user friendly, but also great quality products that come with great serviceability.


You can find Al's contact info our our Contact Us page.

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