New patented outrigger analyzer system from Dur-A-Lift

Introducing Dur-A-Lift’s new patented outrigger analyzer system. Now available as an add-on to new and existing Dur-A-Lift aerial lifts.

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) indicates that aerial lifts designed for use with outriggers must utilize an interlock device that prevents lifting the boom from the cradled position until the outriggers meet resistance or are extended beyond a predetermined position. (ANSI Standard A92.2)


In some situations the terrain prevents the operator from extending the outriggers to the required position even though the lift is within 5 degrees of a level condition, the amount needed to activate the boom. A hill, upward slope, mound or other elevated object can reduce one or more of the outriggers ability to extend beyond the predetermined position needed. In this situation, if the operator confirms that the outriggers are deployed to a solid footing yet the predetermined extension point has not been reached the operator can activate a manual override using Dur-A-Lift’s patented Outrigger Analyzer System to operate the aerial lift.

The system is simple to use. The analyzers LED indicator lights provide a simple, visual checklist to the operator after he/she deploys the outriggers during the setup stage of aerial lift operation. Green lights indicate the outrigger legs are deployment past the predetermined extension point. Red indicator lights are a reminder to the operator that the outriggers have not been deployed or have not reached the predetermined position. The operator can  manually override the interlock device if they’ve determined the outrigger has a solid footing on the ground even when the predetermined position has not been reached. The outrigger override condition automatically returns to the normal operation mode upon the next lift set-up cycle.

If you would like more information about Dur-A-Lift’s Outrigger Analyzer System please call 1-877-4DURALIFT or email

US Pat. No. 7,915,752


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