Quality over quantity

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and remember that it’s about quality not quantity. It’s about being there for the customer and providing them with a product that they can depend on for years to come. It’s about looking long-term rather than short-term. It’s about building relationships.

John Abbott, of Mobile Lifts Inc., said it best in a post about his experiences with selling bucket trucks. There are many lessons that can be taken from his story. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


Out With The Old and In With The New.

By John Abbott, Mobile Lifts Inc.

"I started my sales career with for Mobile Lifts in 1994 and called on this customer a soon after my sales training ended. I remember the disappointment when I saw that they recently purchased a bucket truck and Mobile Lifts wasn't even on the bidding list. That was a tough lesson to learn but I kept my chin up, offered the customer service, training and parts and 20 years later boom look what I did.

Thank you the City of Warren, PA; my suppliers: Dur A Lift, Whitmoyer Ford, Brand FX bodies; and to Mobile Lifts top-shelf technicians who put it all together.

Sometimes I try to keep my sales and customers under the radar because I don't want to give my competition any leads or prospects, but it looks like the City of Warren, PA won't be getting another bucket truck for at least another 20 plus years. Chances are the sales person who sells them the next bucket truck is just entering high school."


Mobile Lift's Inc.

Mobile Lifts has been providing quality service on bucket trucks and vans since 1969. They rent and sell new or used aerial trucks and vans and service all makes and models. Mobile Lifts Inc. is Dur-A-Lift’s Pennsylvania distributor. View their website here.

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