DFSL Series (32/36)

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Articulating, non-overcenter bucket truck
Max working height range: 34' - 38'  |  Max side reach range:  17' 10" - 19' 10"
Insulated or non-insulated versions   |   Single person baskets
Models available: DFSL-32, DFSL-36, DSL-32, DSL-36


HYBRID OPTION - Experience the benefits of hybrid aerial operation for your next bucket truck.



  DFSL-32 DFSL-36
Height to bottom of platform 29' 33'
Working height 34' 38'
Side reach 17' 10" 19' 10"
Stowed travel height 10' 10'
Basket capacity 300# 300#
Approximate weight 1800# 1850#
Lower boom travel 0 to 92 0 to 92
Upper boom travel 0 to 133 0 to 133
Minimum GVWR 11,000 GVWR 11,000 GVWR
Upper boom fiberglass length 9' 4" 11' 6"




Upper Control Override at the Turntable
Three Control Levers at the Turntable and Basket, with deadman at the Basket
Engine Start/Stop from Basket


Open Center Hydraulic System
Rated Pressure is 2000 PSI
Operating Pressure is 1800 PSI


Basket leveling by fiberglass rods and chain parallelogram system with easy service access
Rotation by hydraulic driven worm gear
370° Rotation



Holding Valves in each cylinder
Pressure Relief Valve
Non-conductive hoses and fiberglass rods provide levelling and congrol through the insulated boom section
46 KV Category "C" Insulation
Upper Boom Tie Down
Safety Belt and Lanyard



Continuous Rotation
12v DC Full Function Backup System
Single Hand Control Lever
Basket Liner
Basket and Control Cover
Hydraulic Tool Circuit at Basket and Pedestal
Basket Tilt System
Automatic or Two-Speed Throttle Advance
Fan Belt or PTO Power



The DFSL lift is available in insulated or non-insulated formats. (Both have the option of drive/battery controls, two speed controls, or full pressure controls)

DFSL - insulated (Category D)
DSL - non-insulated

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