Urban Forestry Unit

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Telescopic articulating forestry bucket truck  |  Aluminum or steel chipper box
Max working height range: 45' - 50'   |   Max side reach range: 28' - 30'
Insulated or non-insulated   |  Single person, fiberglass basket
Models available: DTAX-40, DTAX-45


Small size. Big reach. The Urban Forestry Unit features a lightweight, marine-grade aluminum chipper box and is able to reach up to 50 feet. Accomplish a large number of jobs more cost effectively and efficiently.



  DTAX-40 DTAX-45
Height to bottom of platform 40' 45'
Working height 45' 50'
Side reach 28' 30'
Stowed travel height 11' 2" 11' 3"
Basket capacity 350# 350#
Articulating arm travel -2 to 81 0 to 82
Main boom travel -25 to 78 -25 to 78
Extension travel 110.5" 122.5"

Take advantage of the new 22,000 to 23,000 GVWR chassis offered by Ford, Chevy, and International. By upgrading the chassis on your order, you can haul a larger chipper or upgrade to a 9’9" aluminum body, reducing your time on the jobsite or trips back and forth to the jobsite.




Proportional controls
Lower controls with override located at the turntable
Engine start/stop from the basket
Individual control levers


Rated pressure is 2200 PSI
Operating pressure is 2000 PSI
Opecenter hydraulic system
180º rotating basket


Telescoping and articulating boom action
Offset main boom reduces travel height
Shear ball rotation driven
Fully enclosed worm gear box
Non-continuous rotation
Insulated extension boom 46 kV DTAX
24” x 24” x 42” basket
110V outlet at upper controls DTAXS



Single hand joystick upper control
Outrigger or torsiobars
12 volt DC backup
Fixed basket position (side or end)
Basket offered ivarious sizes and configurations
Basket liner 50 kV DTAX
Main boom fiberglass insert DTAX
Chassis isolator art boom fiberglass insert DTAX
Continuous rotation
Tool trays of various sizes
Basket and control cover
Upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits
Special paint color

          Available with aluminum or steel chipper box


Chipper Body Features

7' 6" length, 54” side height (ask about the 9'9" length option)
Single swing rear gate with robust latch
Pruning compartment
Superior top ventilation
Cross box for pole saws
Marine grade aluminum
Separate compartment for ropes
Shovel & ladder compartment
Option for additional compartments under chipper body
Oval flashers front and rear



The Urban Forestry Unit is available in insulated or non-insulated formats. (Both with full pressure controls)

DTAX-40/45 - insulated
DTAXS-40/45 - non-insulated


Urban Forestry Builds

Click the photos below to view more photos of these Urban Forestry bucket truck builds.








(Tree care bucket trucks, urban forestry, DTAX-45, DTAXS-45)


Urban Forestry bucket truck shown with optional 9 foot 9 inch chipper box.

Take a quick walk around Dur-A-Lift's Urban Forestry Unit with lightweight aluminum chipper box.

Take a quick walk around Dur-A-Lift's Urban Forestry Unit with lightweight aluminum chipper box.

Urban Forestry with Silverdao 6500 chassis