Urban Forestry Unit

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Experience small size with a big reach. The Urban Forestry Unit is the only Class 5 bucket truck with a chipper box in the tree care industry with a reach of 50 feet.

“Our customers are looking for every advantage they can get and being able to reach fifty feet from a smaller 4-wheel drive chassis is ideal. They can accomplish a large number of jobs more cost effectively and efficiently,“ said Loren Top, Dur-A-Lift’s national sales manager. Read more

The Urban Forestry Unit was built for the tree care industry. The compact unit features a 7.5 foot chipper box with a hydraulic cylinder lift that allows for easy dumping. The basket rotates 180 dregree and inlcudes a four axis single hand joystick at the upper control. The negative boom angle allows for ground access from the basket.

Now available with a lightweight aluminum chipper box. Click here.




  DTAX-40 DTAX-45
Height to bottom of platform 40' 45'
Working height 45' 50'
Side reach 28' 30'
Stowed travel height 11' 2" 11' 3"
Basket capacity 350# 350#
Articulating arm travel -2 to 81 0 to 82
Main boom travel -25 to 78 -25 to 78
Extension travel 110.5" 122.5"

Standard features


  • Proportional controls

  • Lower controls with override located at the turntable

  • Engine start/stop from the basket

  • Individual control levers

Hydraulic System

  • Rated pressure is 2200 PSI

  • Operating pressure is 2000 PSI

  • Opecenter hydraulic system

  • 180º rotating basket

Mechanical System

  • Telescoping and articulating boom action

  • Offset main boom reduces travel height

  • Shear ball rotation driven

  • Fully enclosed worm gear box

  • Non-continuous rotation

  • Insulated extension boom 46 kV DTAX

  • 24” x 24” x 42” basket

  • 110V outlet at upper controls DTAXS



  • Single hand joystick upper control

  • Outrigger or torsiobars

  • 12 volt DC backup

  • Fixed basket position (side or end)

  • Basket offered ivarious sizes and configurations

  • Basket liner 50 kV DTAX

  • Main boom fiberglass insert DTAX

  • Chassis isolator art boom fiberglass insert DTAX

  • Continuous rotation

  • Tool trays of various sizes

  • Basket and control cover

  • Upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits

  • Special paint color



The Urban Forestry Unit is available in insulated or non-insulated formats. (Both with full pressure controls)

DTAX-45 - insulated
DTAXS-45 - non-insulated


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