DTA Series (35/38/40)

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Telescopic articulating bucket truck
Max working height range: 40' - 45'   |   Max side reach range: 25' 6" - 29' 6"
Insulated or non-insulated versions   |  Single person basket
Models available: DTA-35, DTA-38, DTA-40


HYBRID OPTION - Experience the benefits of hybrid aerial operation for your next bucket truck.



  DTA-35 DTA-38 DTA-40
Height to bottom of platform 35' 38' 40'
Working height 40' 43' 45'
Side reach (side hung) 25' 6" 25' 6" 27' 6"
Side reach (end hung) 27' 6" 27' 6" 29' 6"
Stowed travel height 10' 10' 10'
Basket capacity (side hung) 400# 400# 400#
Basket capacity (end hung) 350# 250# 350#
Approximate weight 2400# 2615# 2750#
Articulating arm travel -2 to 81 0 to 82 0 to 82
Main boom travel -25 to 78 -25 to 78 -25 to 78
Extension travel 110.5" 110.5" 122.5"




Proportional controls
Non-proportional controls DTAS-35/38TS
Lower controls with override
Engine start/stop from the basket
Individual control levers


Rated pressure is 2200 PSI
Operating pressure is 2000 PSI
Open center hydraulic system


Telescoping articulating boom action
Offset main boom reduces travel height
Shear ball rotation driven
Fully enclosed worm gear box
Non-continuous rotation
Insulated extension boom DTA
24”x24”x42” basket
Side hung basket



Single hand joystick upper control
Outrigger or torsion bars
12v D.C. backup
End hung basket
Basket offered in various sizes and configurations
Basket liner DTA
Basket cover
Continuous rotation FULL PRESSURE SYSTEM
Tool trays of various sizes
Tool circuits
Tail shelf with walkup steps
Main boom fiberglass insert DTA
Articulating arm fiberglass insert DTA
Paint color
Insulated option available DTAS



The DTA lift is available in insulated or non-insulated formats. 

DTA - insulated (full pressure controls only) (Category D, or E)
DTAS - non-insulated (drive/battery, two speed or full pressure controls)



Build the perfect bucket truck for you and your needs. Change up the chassis, the body, and add accessories as needed. Contact us to get started or click the photos below to view more photos of these DTA series bucket truck builds.








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