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About Dur-A-Lift

Dur-A-Lift, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of telescoping articulating, personnel and material handling aerial lifts for what is better known as a bucket truck. The experience, quality and dependability shows in every product that leaves the factory floor. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed service both during and after the sale.

The Dur-A-Lift brand dates back to 1969. It was then part of Durnell Engineering and was located in Emmetsburg, Iowa. In 1988, Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) purchased the assets of Durnell Engineering and relocated the manufacturing to its plant in George, Iowa. Dur-A-Lift celebrated 25 years as part of the DTI family in 2013. DTI employs over 260 people and is one of the largest employers in northwest Iowa.




We Speak Bucket Truck

Our main focus is providing you with the best bucket truck to suit your needs, and in doing this we have become experts at speaking bucket truck. From our welders to our salespeople, speaking bucket truck is the preferred form of communication here at Dur-A-Lift.

It’s even how we provide scale in everyday conversation. “I bet I could throw this football about six and a half DLT2-60s.” "That new building in town looks about the working height of a DPM2-47."

Because we speak bucket truck, customers know they’re working with experts. They know that their bucket truck has been built exactly to their specifications and will allow them to get the job done right. Make your next bucket truck a Dur-A-Lift. Call us at 1-877-4DURALIFT or find a dealer near you.










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