Forestry / Tree Care Bucket Trucks

Tree Care Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks built for those in the tree care / forestry industry

Urban Forestry

The Urban Forestry Unit features a marine-grade aluminum chipper box that is available in three sizes (7’6″, 9’9″, 11’9″). Accomplish a large number of jobs more cost effectively and efficiently. Available with working heights up to 59 feet.

Tracked Lift – UTV

Get where you couldn’t get before. This tracked aerial lift can drive up a 40 degree slope and is able to maneuver through up to three feet of water. A great option for those in the tree care industry that live in places with uneven or wet terrain.

Tracked Lift – SDP

Small size. Big reach. This remote operated, 2-speed, portable, backyard tracked carrier is small enough to fit through a three foot gate yet big enough to reach up to 54 feet. Available with material handling capabilities.

Urban Forestry Package

Ask about available aerial, chassis, and chipper body options.
Let us build an Urban Forestry truck that’s the perfect size for your needs. 

PICTURED: LEFT, DPM2-52DP with 11’9″ chipper body; MIDDLE, DTAX-45 with 9’9″ chipper body; RIGHT, DTAX-45 with 7’6″ chipper body.


DPM2 Series

Added working height and load capacity
Reach up to 59′; side reach to 31’6″
11’9″ aluminum chipper box

DTAX Series

A compact unity with a big reach; under CDL
Working height up to 50′; side reach to 30′
7’6″ and 9’9″ aluminum chipper box options


DIMENSIONS: 11’9” (L) X 96” (W) 54” (H) 

DIMENSIONS: 9’9” (L) X 96” (W) 54” (H) 

DIMENSIONS: 7’6” (L) X 96” (W) 54” (H) 

HYBRID AERIAL OPERATION – Ask bout our renewable energy option.