Dur-A-Lift’s hybrid option is a self-contained unit that allows for a flexible upfit for your next bucket truck.


When the lift is in place, turn off the hybrid pump right from the basket to conserve battery. 

If you forget, we added an automatic shutoff that engages after a preset amount of time.

Once you are ready to move again, restart the hybrid pump right from the basket and you’re off!


A 120V outlet is included on the hybrid box, eliminating the need for a separate inverter for job site needs.


EXTREMELY QUIET: The system is so quiet, we added a light, so you know it is running. Battery powered operation is ideal for residential areas or instances where you are working early or late hours. It also allows for easy communication between the operator and those on ground level.

4 HOURS OF RUNTIME: Get up to four hours of continuous runtime on a single charge.

NO POWER OR SPEED LOSS: The hybrid system operates just as efficiently and with as much power as a traditional, PTO run aerial lift. Once the battery is depleted, the system will seamlessly transition over to PTO power with no extra steps required from the operator.

EASY TO OPERATE: Learning to use the hybrid system is easy, as it requires many of the same steps that a traditional aerial lift would.

WORKS IN COLD WEATHER:Heaters are built into the inside of the batteries to ensure the system works even in freezing weather.


Recharge SystemOnboard Charger by 120V-15 Amp
Duty Cycle100% Continuous Operation, Up to 4 Hours
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Life CycleLithium Ion Approximately 10 Years
Operating Range0 – 120º F (-17º to 48ºC)
System HydraulicHydraulic Pump
System WeightApproximately 600 lbs.
Product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Whether your buying decision is based on wanting to be gentle to our green earth or on keeping the green in your pocket, Dur-A-Lift hybrids are the way to go. To learn more about the advantages of the hybrid aerial operation for your next bucket truck, contact us.

Ask about upgrading your next bucket truck to include hybrid aerial operation.