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Urban Forestry Unit

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Urban Forestry

Models: DPM2-53, DTAX-45, DTAX-40
Product Overview


  • Added reach & load capacity
  • Working height up to 60’; side reach to 31’6”
  • 11’9” aluminum chipper box


  • Compact unit with a big reach 
  • Under CDL options
  • Working height up to 50’; side reach 30’
  • 7’6” & 9’9” aluminum chipper box options
Aerial Specifications
Height to bottom of platform 40′
Working height 45′
Side reach 28′
Stowed travel height 11′ 2″
Basket capacity 400#
Articulating arm travel -5 to 81
Main boom travel -25 to 75
Extension travel 110.5″


Height to bottom of platform 45′
Working height 50′
Side reach 30′
Stowed travel height 11′ 3″
Basket capacity 350#
Articulating arm travel -5 to 81
Main boom travel -25 to 75
Extension travel 122.5″


Height to bottom of platform 52′
Working height 60’*
Side reach 31’6″‘
Stowed travel height 12’4″
Basket capacity 600#
Articulating arm travel 0 to 75
Main boom travel -30 to 75
Extension travel 120″

*Max working height achieved with optional basket elevator

Aerial Standard Features


  • Proportional controls; lower override controls; engine start/stop from basket; basket access from ground; compensated upper boom; insulated models available in category C or D; hydraulic basket leveling; continuous rotation; joystick and lockout controls; 180º basket rotator; 24”x 30” fiberglass basket, 600# capacity


  • Controls: Proportional controls; lower controls with override located at the turntable; engine start/stop from the basket; individual control levers
  • Hydraulic System: Rated pressure is 2200 PSI; operating pressure is 2000 PSI; open center hydraulic system; 180º rotating basket
  • Mechanical System:  Telescoping and articulating boom action; offset main boom reduces travel height; shear ball rotation driven; fully enclosed worm gear box; non-continuous rotation; insulated extension boom 46 kV (DTAX2); 24” x 24” basket, 350# capacity; 110V outlet at upper controls (DTAX2S). 
Aerial Options

High electrical resistant controls; outriggers; basket liner for fiberglass baskets; fiberglass main and articulating booms; tool circuits; D.C. backup system; 22” basket elevator; non-insulated versions available (DPM2S); 110 v outlet at basket (non-insulated only)

Single hand joystick upper control; outrigger or torsion bars; 12 volt DC backup; fixed basket position (side or end); basket offered in various sizes and configurations; basket liner 50 kV (DTAX2); main boom fiberglass insert (DTAX2); chassis isolator art boom fiberglass insert (DTAX2); continuous rotation; tool trays of various sizes; basket and control cover; upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits; lower stow/dump control; special paint color.


Single swing rear gate with robust latch; pruning compartment; superior top ventilation; cross box for pole saws; marine grade aluminum; separate compartment for ropes; shovel & ladder compartment; Oval flashers front and rear; option for additional compartments under chipper body


The Urban Forestry Package is available in insulated (Cat. C or D) or non-insulated formats. Full pressure controls.

Insulated: DPM2-53, DTAX2-45, DTAX2-40
Non-insulated: DPM2S-53, DTAX2S-45, DTAX2S-40

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