Trade Show Events

  • 10/ 30

    ISA Prairie Chapter Conference

    We are looking forward to showcasing our Urban Foresty Test Flight bucket truck alongside Dur-A-Lift distributor Drive Products at the ISA Prairie Chapter Conference.

  • 11/ 10

    TCI Expo

    We are always excited to be part of the the world’s largest tree care show and conference!

  • 11/ 30

    New England Grows

    Dur-A-Lift will be showing their new Urban Forestry Unit at the 2015 New England Grows conference and expo in Boston, MA. This expo was founded in 1993 by green industry professionals for green industry professionals and has nearly tripled in size since then.

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To ensure that Dur-A-Lift helps our customers get the job done right, we’re committed to the idea that customization comes standard. If your job requires you to reach really high, you might as well get there quick. If you need to go up, up and around, it should be a smooth ride. And if you need to reach really far, you’ll want a strong foundation.

Dur-A-Lift gets you exactly where you have to go with all of the tools you need to do the job right, because every lift that leaves our floor is custom-built to be all yours, from the ground up. Contact us about building a bucket truck made just for you! 

Latest News

  • Dur-A-Lift acquires MAT-3 Product Line

    Dur-A-Lift, Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of their tree care aerial lift line with the acquisition of the MAT-3 Mat-Tree product line. The DAT3 series of aerial lifts will be available for the 65 to 75 foot working height range. Dur-A-Lift expects to begin shipping new DAT3 units starting in late 2016.

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  • Celebrating one year

    This April we celebrate one year of being in our new 26,000 square foot manufacturing center. We wanted to take some time to reflect and celebrate the advances we were able to make over this past year.

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