Model Guide

Bucket Truck Model Guide


Which lift is best for you?

Dur-A-Lift has been manufacturing truck mounted aerial lifts, for what is better known as a bucket truck, since 1969. We offer a wide variety of models for a variety of industries and applications. Here is a breakdown of what we have to offer. Use this guide to find the right bucket truck for you.

You can also browse our lifts by industry: electric utility, telecommunications, sign/light, tree care.


1 - Aerial Lift Series

Material handling? Personnel?
Telescopic? Articulated? Or both?
Insulated? Non-insulated?
One person basket? Two person basket?

Start by narrowing down which series best suits your needs.

  • DLT2 & DPM2 - telescopic articulating, material handling or personnel aerial lift with
       180º basket rotator, basket elevator and top mounted jib and winch
  • DPM - telescopic articulating, material handling or personnel aerial lift with 
       180º basket rotator and side mounted jib and winch
  • DTAX - telescopic articulating, aerial lift with 180º basket rotator
  • DTA - telescopic articulating aerial lift
  • DHT - heavy duty, telescopic aerial lift
  • DT - telescopic aerial lift
  • DVS - telescopic aerial lift for use with enclosed body (van series)
  • DO - articulating, overcenter aerial lift
  • DFSL - articulating, non-overcenter aerial lift
  • DAT3 - telescopic articulating, non-overcenter aerial lift
  • Urban Forestry Unit - telescopic articulating forestry truck with chipper box
  • DCP - telescopic articulating cable placer unit

*Models DPM2-32 and DPM-32 are telescopic only


2 - Insulated or Non-Insulated

The letter 'S' at the end of a model name signifies steel, meaning it is the non-insulated version of that lift. Anything without an 'S' is fiberglass. For example: DTAX is the insulated (fiberglass) version and DTAXS is the non-insulated (steel) version. Many of our lifts are available both versions. The model names are as follows:


3 - Model Numbers

Here is a breakdown of all the models available with specifications.

*T = Telescopic, A = Articulating, M = Material Handling
**DPM and DPM2 lfts can be configured with or without material handling capabilities



Every once in a while you may notice a couple letters at the end of a lift name. For example: DPM-36 DU or DTAX-45 FP. These letters can either signify the basket style or the types of controls used to run the lift. Here is a quick explanation on what the letters stand for and where you may see them used.


Here are the types of controls used to run the lifts and with which models they are available. For example you may see DTAS-35 FP or DTAS-35 TS.

DC - Drive (battery) controls
TS - Two speed controls
FP - Full pressure controls

Note: An 'S' in the aerial lift name stand for steel, meaning it is the non-insulated version of the model. See section 2 above.




Our material handling aerial lift lines are available with a variety of basket styles. Since all of these lifts have full pressure (FP) controls the model name instead includes the basket style designation. For example: DPM-47 DU or DPM2-52 MH. Here is a breakdown of what the basket style abbreviations stand for.

DP - dual person, personnel
DU - dual configuration: dual person, personnel OR single person, material handling
MH - single person, material handling
SP* - single person, personnel

*SP is available on DPM-36 and DPM-40 only

All baskets available in aluminum or fibergalass.