Hybrid aerial technology available for Dur-A-Lift bucket trucks


Hybrid aerial technology

Go green with the clean, quiet, and powerful hybrid technology available for Dur-A-Lift bucket trucks.

Experience the power of the eco-friendly hybrid aerial from Dur-A-Lift. The system features a lithium ion battery that can be used for full pressure hydraulic operation of the aerial device. The extremely quiet system packs as much power as you are used to with a typical PTO driven lift. Contact us to learn more.




Dur-A-Lift's hybrid technology can be used for full pressure hydraulic operation of the aerial device, hydraulic tools, and outriggers without any loss in function, even when the battery runs low. The dual charging system charges with a standard 120V, 15-amp outlet as well as while the chassis is running. The battery management system monitors charge levels and automatically starts the chassis engine when needed. There is the ability to recharge chassis battery if needed.



The lithium-ion battery allows for extremely quiet operation. An indicator light on the lid shows when the lift is in use. When the battery runs low the chassis automatically restarts and the PTO engages in a nearly seamless transition. The hybrid hydraulic pump can be turned on from either a wireless remote or a palm bottom located at the basket. The pump automatically shuts down if the operator leaves running.



The hybrid option is a self-contained unit and will work on virtually any gas or diesel stock chassis allowing for a flexible upfit to any new bucket truck. The hybrid enclosure contains the energy management system and battery packs providing for easy maintenance access. There is a built-in inverter for 120V AC outlet applications and heating pads for cold weather recharging.



Whether your buying decision is based on wanting to be gentle to our green earth or it’s to keep the green in your pocket, the hybrid is the way to go. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of the hybrid aerial operation for your next bucket truck.




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