DAT3 Series (60/70)

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Telescopic articulating, non-overcenter bucket truck  |  Innovative telescopic upper boom
Max working height range: 65' - 75'   |   Max side reach range: 41' 3" - 48'
Insulated   |  Single person, fiberglass basket  |  Formerly known as MAT-3
Models available: DAT3-60, DAT3-70


Working heights to 75 feet and a side reach to 48 feet. The DAT3-70 forestry truck features a non-overcenter design for added stability and side reach and an innovative telescopic upper boom that allows you to reach where you couldn't before. The truck was formerly known as the MAT-3 and is available with our patented Outrigger Analyzer System.



  DAT3-60 DAT3-70
Height to bottom of platform 60' 70'
Working height 65' 75'
Side reach 41' 3" 48'
Stowed travel length 26' 3" 30' 6"
Stowed travel height 12' 4" 12' 4"
Basket capacity 400# 350#
Approximate weight 6800# 8300#
Upper boom travel 165 degrees 165 degrees
Lower boom travel 95 degrees 95 degrees
Extension travel 144" 180"


Radio Controls


Standard Features


One set hydraulic tool outlets below rotation
Shut off valve for hydraulic system reservoir
Individual outrigger controls
Outrigger/boom interlock
Wireless radio upper control with waist belt
Automatic on demand throttle system


Closed center, pressure compensated hydraulic system
25 gallon hydraulic reservoir
360 degree continuous unrestricted rotation


24” x 30” x 42” one-man end mount fiberglass platform
Safety harness with fall-arrest lanyard
Category “D”electrical rating per ANSI A92.2
Hydraulic platform leveling system with platform tilt
Padded upper boom rest with tie-down strap
Padded lower boom support
Platform cover
Fiberglass platform guards



Remote engine start/stop at platform
12 VDC backup system
24” x 24” x 42” one-man fiberglass platform
Two sets hydraulic tool outlets
Bucket Liner
Outrigger Analyzer System. (Pat. No. 7,915,752)


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Join us as we talk a walk around the DAT3-70

Watch as the DAT3 reaches around a house to trim trees

Block just one lane of traffic with DAT3's Outrigger Analyzer System

Watch as the DAT3 easily maneuvers through tree branches