DPM2-52DU: A Customer Favorite

Find out why Dur-A-Lift’s material handling bucket truck is a customer favorite across various industries!

Are you in the market for a material handling bucket truck? Look no further than the DPM2-52DU.

The DPM2-52 secured its spot on our ‘Top Sellers’ list several years ago, and has maintained that position ever since. This lift’s “ascent to the top” is a testament to the unparalleled performance it provides, along with the genuine satisfaction it brings to our customers. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the most beloved features of this material handling lift.

The DPM2-52DU can reach an impressive 59 feet, all from a 22,000 GVWR chassis. This remarkable reach from a medium duty chassis enhances its suitability for a wide range of applications.

The DPM2-52DU’s outriggers feature a compact footprint, providing stability without taking up excessive space. This design allows operators to establish their setup in confined areas without causing any disruptions to surrounding traffic flow.

The top mounted jib on the DPM2-52DU can lift up to 1000 pounds. This jib, along with the lift’s basket, can rotate from side to side. The basket can rotate 180°, while the jib can pivot 320°. This advanced range of motion allows the operator to easily work from either side of the basket once the lift is in place.

The basket elevator function effortlessly extends the reach of the operator, offering additional elevation when needed. The basket elevator also assists in navigating around overhead challenges.

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Check out this brief video showcasing the DPM2-52DU’s top mounted jib & basket elevator!