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A Brief Look at our Telecom Lineup

Ever since the federal government signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a piece of legislation that prioritizes the need for high-speed broadband internet infrastructure across America, the telecommunications industry has been booming. Fortunately, Dur-A-Lift offers a great line of lifts to assist in the building of this infrastructure.

DVT-29 Bucket Van by Dur-A-Lift
DVS-29 Bucket Van by Dur-A-Lift


We first begin with our popular bucket vans, specifically the recent addition to our telecom lineup: the DVT-29.

Built on a T-350 Ford Transit Cargo Van, featuring up to 34 feet of working height and an under 10,000 pound GVWR, the DVT-29 has joined the DVS-29 as an excellent bucket van option for telecommunication workers. Like the DVT-29, the DVS-29 also features up to 34 feet of working height. In contrast to the DVT-29, the DVS-29 is built on a Ford E-350 Cutaway chassis platform.

The DVT and DVS provide protection from the elements and are ideal for an office on wheels workstation with tons of customizable storage.  Pair our lift with a wide range of walk-in fiber splicing labs with expanded ceiling heights that are customizable to every need.

DCP-36 Cable Placer Bucket Truck by Dur-A-Lift


Our line-up continues with our popular DCP-36 Cable Placer, our non-insulated telescopic/articulating lift that caters to the telecom industry. This compact unit features 41 feet of working height as well as fairleads for cable lashing, with 400 pounds of side pull and 50 pounds of down pull. The lift can operate in stationary or mobile mode with direct communication between operator and driver.

DTAX2 Series Bucket Truck by Dur-A-Lift


We conclude with our DTAX2 series and DTA2 series lifts. These telescopic articulating bucket trucks are available in both insulated and non-insulated versions. Ask about the available body, tailshelf, and basket options including a “splicer bucket” with heater and fold-down seat. Both the DTAX2 and DTA2 are now available with hybrid aerial operation.

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