DLT2-60 DU & MH Series (60)

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Telescopic articulating material handling  |  180 degree basket rotator
Max working height: 67'  |  Max side reach:  39' 2"
Insulated or non-insulated versions   |   Single or double person baskets
22" basket elevator   |   Top mounted jib and winch lifts up to 1000#
Models available: DLT2-60 with MH and DU basket configurations


The DLT2 is a telescopic articulating material handling or personnel aerial lift with 180 degree basket rotator, 22" basket elevator, top mounted jib and winch, and working heights up to 67 feet. Available with three basket styles: MH - single person material handling; DP - dual person personnel; or DU - dual configuration (dual person personnel or single person material handling).




Height to bottom of platform * 62'
Working height * 67'
Side reach 39' 2"
Stowed travel height 12'
Platform capacity (MH Models) 400#
Platform capacity using jib (DU Model) 400#
Platform capacity not using jib (DU Model) 550#
Platform capacity (DP Models) 600#
Approximate weight 5950#
Articultating arm travel 0 to 91
Main boom travel -26 to 75
Extension travel 134"

*Maximum height acheivable with addition of the optional 22" basket elevator


Standard Features

  • Proportional controls
  • Lower override controls
  • Engine start/stop from basket
  • Basket access from ground
  • Compensated upper boom
  • Insulated models available in category C, D and E
  • Hydraulic basket leveling
  • Continuous rotation
  • Joystick and lockout controls
  • 180º basket rotator



  • High electrical resistant controls (Standard on Cat. C)
  • Outriggers
  • Basket liner for fiberglass baskets
  • Fiberglass main and articulating booms
  • Tool circuits
  • D.C. backup system
  • 22” basket elevator
  • Aluminum basket
  • Non-insulated version available  (DLT2S)
  • 110 v outlet at basket (DLT2S)



The DLT2 series material handling bucket truck is avaibale with two basket configurations.

MH - Single Person, Material Handling (24"x30" basket)
DU - Dual configuration: Dual Person OR Single Person, Material Handling (24"x42" basket)

The style used is noted at the end of the model name.



The DLT2 lift is available in insulated or non-insulated formats.

DLT2 - insulated
DLT2S - non-insulated


(DLT2, DLT2S, DLT2-60, DLT2S-60, DLT-60, DLT260, DLT2S60, DLT60, DLT2 60, DLT2S 60, DLT 60)