DVS Series (29)

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Non-Insulated telescopic bucket van
Max working height: 34'  |  Max side reach:  21'
Single person basket   |   350# basket capacity
Models available: DVS-29

Features tons of secure storage options!

350-pounds of basket capacity, and loads of features that make sure this van-mounted aerial lift stay in the field and not the repair shop. The DVS-29 from Dur-A-Lift is the practical and functional tool for everyone from the small contractor to the large, multi-state telecommunications company.


Platform height 29'
Working height 34'
Side reach 21'
Boom travel -5 to 80
Basket capacity 350#
Stowed travel height 10' 1"
Extension travel 108"


standard FEATURES

  • Adjustable wear blocks on main boom
  • 110V outlet basket
  • Environmentally sealed toggle switches
  • Greaseless bearings
  • 370º non-continuous rotation
  • Electric over hydraulic controls
  • Upper/lower controls with lower override
  • Maximum operating pressure of 2,100 PSI
  • 5”x7” rectangular steel main boom
  • 4”x6” rectangular steel extension boom



  • Hydraulic basket leveling with trim switch at basket
  • End hung basket
  • Walk-in basket
  • Full function DC backup
  • Lower remote controls
  • Lower hydraulic basket stow/dump
  • Lower start/stop
  • Electric joystick
  • Torsion bar
  • Tail shelf
  • Basket cover
  • Tool tray
  • Basket heater
  • Fold down seat
  • Splicers basket
  • Battery power
  • Fan belt clutch pump power
  • All enclosed body storage
  • Workstation on wheels (Features dual fold down work tables, movable bench seat, 110V outlet, 2400 to 3600 watt inverter, lights, and Coleman climate control with heat and A/C.)



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